Your nutritiion history is nobodies business but your own.  Therefore MY MEAL HISTORY is a private-access, secure, cloud-based tool.  

To ensure only you have access to your data, you must login to access your history.  This site uses up-to-date TLS security (SSL) to ensure others can not intercept your information between this browser and the online database.  No personal information other than your name is stored that might tie your data to you specifically.  In fact, you are not even required to user your name; use a nick name instead.


Once you login, the history table is displayed with the most recent date at the top of the list.

A scoreboard is displayed above the list.  This shows your averages for Calories, Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates, Sodium, Potassium, Cholestrol and Added Sugar in a sanpshot.

Click the "Add Item" button to select a food item from the database.


Data entry can be a pain.  Anything that takes too much time causes people to stop entering data.  A simple tool is provided so you enter a food item once and then just select it from a list the next time.

Click the red "New Food Item" button to add an item to the database.  Not all food comes with nutrition labels.  However, many restaurants publish nutitional facts online.  Also, there are Internet resources such as FDA.GOV or by doing a Google search such as "nutrition facts buffalo wings".  Just remember, not all "facts" on the Internet are accurate.


The whole purpose of MY MEAL HISTORY is to reach and maintain goals.  Consult your medical or nutritional professional to help you set your goals.

Click the "Goals" button to open the goal setting form.  Defaults are set for when you create your account BUT these are not your goals.  Always consult a professional before setting your own, individual goals.