MY MEAL HISTORY is designed for people who need to track and study their food and nutrition history.

This might be due to a serious weight issue or in aid of a medical issue like Kidney Disease, Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc.

Actually everyone should be using MY MEAL HISTORY.  We are what we eat.  If we are honest with ourselves about what we take into our body we can go a long way to improving our immune system and our overal well being.

MY MEAL HISTORY provides a FREE, simple tool for doing just that.  You can build a database of information (derived from food labels) that can help you see just exactly where you are helping yourself; and where you are not.  Be honest and the tool will work for you.

MY MEAL HISTORY was created in January of 2020 through consultations with renal nurses, dieticians and other medical resources.

I created MY MEAL HISTORY after I got out of a 14-day stay in hospital with dual kidney failure.  Learning that I was in Stage 5 Kidney Disease was devastating.  I thought that life would never be the same.

I have learned a vast amount since then about tracking my intake to maximize my health.  A side benefit has been safe, healthy weight loss.

I am not a medical professional so I suggest you use MY MEAL HISTORY with your nutritional coach to reach your desired goals.